Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Griping

Dunno why I've felt a little bit cranky this weekend.  Oh could be starting off Friday night meeting my therapy friends for dinner.  I swear to god, why can a group of women not get together and eat dinner without talking about fucking diets all the time?  Or about how this food is "bad" and this food is "good" and we are all just going to hell in a handbasket for a fucking meal.  I think I've just hit my lifetime limit for diet talk or something, but I was just noticing how banal and boring it was.  The measure of a life, of a woman's life, is not in her waistline.  Yet it seemed to be all that these people could talk about, and it just seemed so very shallow and boring.  And you know, if you want to diet, exercise, whatever, more power to you, but it seems like it should fall more into the "politics and religion" in shared social experiences, where you talk about it on a limited basis because you might offend someone else, or maybe someone doesn't agree with you.  I don't know, maybe I'm an outlier and this is just some weird paradigm.

Also I was with a friend yesterday and she was repeating one of those "white people are like this, black people are like that" jokes and I just said nothing.  I'm certainly not going to pretend that racist stuff was funny and I didn't really think fast enough to say something about it.  I think that it's easy for white people, or people who pass for white, to go around repeating stuff like that and not really examine their own privilege or thing about what they are saying, or how it might be offensive to others.  I probably spend way too much time reading stuff on the internet about racism, but I also feel like it makes me a less ignorant person, and a person who is far less likely to spout off some stuff of that nature.

Let's see, what else annoys me?  I guess not much.  A lot of good stuff coming down the pike, including DMA and other friend as houseguests and got a bid to get my crazy yard under some semblance of order, so that is going to occur soon.  Seriously the yard was in bad shape when I moved in, and a winter of healthy rains made all kinds of weeds come up, some a foot high.  Sometimes I have this feeling of that I "should" be doing this all myself, and I should be responsible, but I actually think that getting someone else to do it instead of me procrastinating and cursing at my laziness is probably the more responsible thing to do.  Not to mention that I have little gardening skill and more importantly, not a lot of desire to start doing that stuff.  It's not cheap, but cheaper than I thought, and with some outlay of funds, I can end up with a nicer looking yard.

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