Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Good Life

One of my friends who came to my house warming party in October said, "now, you have arrived."  This is someone I've known for a while, and I particularly remember when I came back into town right after my dad died, and she had phoned me to see if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and another friend.  It was all a huge jumble at that point as to what was going on with my life, and I didn't really even know how I felt about anything.  It was good to talk to people who had lost their parents too, because I think they had some understanding.  And some of her circumstances were like my own, dealing with inheritances and worrying about legacies, issues.

I would think that all the stuff that happened last year, January 2012 would seem really far away from me, but I remember a lot of things clearly.  I remember a lot of days, and a lot of how I felt those days.  It's like everything was really firmly etched into my consciousness.  I'm hoping that this year will turn out to just be good and nice and far less eventful.
Anyway, my new couches came yesterday.  The cats really seem to like them.  I was initially looking at getting something grey to match their fur, but I actually got couches a color that won't show any cat litter if they walk on it.  Also got microfiber which is supposed to be the best in terms of avoiding getting kitty claws in it.

Have I arrived?  I'm not really sure.  I still feel like I'm in the process of new things, more changes, and doing more than just buying new couches and a new car.  But the year is very young, and we'll see how this all goes.

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Kyra said...

Oh so nice to see pictures of the cats! :)